Spiritual Based Coaching for Self Empowerment

A small group coaching program to help empower you to stand firmly in your own Divine Light.

Begins July 25 | 10 Week Virtual Coaching | Group Lessons Individual Work | All classes Recorded | Weekly Self Work


Purposeful Transformation Starts in:


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Divine Guidance isn't outside of you, it is within you.

The group coaching program is designed to replace uncertaintity and doubt with confidence and power, as you navigate your spiritual evolution. Become your own best authority by strengthening your intuition, replacing inhibiting patterns, and energetically healing areas in your life causing stagnation or doubt on your journey of self empowerment.

Here’s What We'll Cover

Developing Your Clair Senses

We will work to identify how you most naturally receive spiritual communication, explore techniques to sharpen those skills, and work to achieve confidence in the messages you are receiving.

CHI Healing Institute

Understanding Energy

All is energy. In gaining an understanding of energy, you will learn how to achieve greater balance in your life; transmute feelings, thoughts, and emotions from one state of being to another; and tap into the energetic forces that are all around you.

Healing the Shadow

Often times we don't move forward because we are only addressing those things on the surface. Healing the shadow helps us accept the parts of ourselves that we have found unacceptable and allows us to show up fully as our authentic self.

Higher Self Connection

Our higher self (highest self) is constantly trying to guide us to a state of alignment and walking in our purpose. Through traumas, conditioning, or fear we have muted our own inner guidance. You will reconnect and gain confidence in being guided by your own inner wisdom.

Tools For Your Journey

We will explore the use of crystals, herbs, essential oils, affirmations, mantras, meditation, and journaling as tools to assist with your development.

Past Participant Love

"Dr. LaToya is exactly the teacher I wanted and needed. Not only did I learn how to trust myself, but I learned how to trust how I feel and what I know. Dr. LaToya has given me the gift I’ve been searching for my whole life, reassurance that what I know and I feel are real. This course provided me with the skills I needed to continue my journey on my own by teaching me how to help and trust myself. I am forever grateful. 

The most pleasant surprise of the course is the connection you build with your cohorts in class. Being able to be in a group with women who have different abilities and who are at different stages in their journeys was invaluable. We learned just as much from each other as we did from Dr. LaToya, and it reminded me that I wasn’t alone in a lot of ways."

Lissa B.

Before I started working with dr. La Toya I was still very shy when it comes to expressing my gifts and supporting others. I also remember being insecure in how I could develop my clairs and often doubted my first instinct. After I worked with dr. La Toya, I was way more comfortable with my strong intuitive powers, I felt more supported to believe and trust on what I was seeing and feeling. During our coaching group, I had the chance to practice in a warm environment how to step up and honor what I'm here to do: transform myself and heal disempowering patterns from my lineage and support others to do the same."

Débora O.

My biggest shift from the program was:

A safe place.
Believing and trusting in myself in general.
I no longer feel hopeless.
A different way of processing, working through or solving problems.
Feeling stronger and empowered knowing I can do anything I put my mind too.

Juel B.

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Starts July 26 | 7:30 pm | Zoom Classes every other Tuesday

How is the Program Structured?

Pay in Full

The 10 week coaching program comes with:

5 - 90 minute Group Lessons

3 - Individual 30 minute Call

Weekly Assignments

Access to Private Group

Pop-Up Instructional Videos

Course Portal with Recorded Classes

Discount to any classes offered


Pay in 3

The 10 week coaching program comes with:

5 - Monthly 90 minute Group Lessons

3 - Monthly Individual 30 minute Calls

Weekly Assignments

Access to Private Group

Pop-Up Instructional Videos

Course Portal with Recorded Classes

Discount to any classes offered


Have Questions? I Have Answers.

Who's this program for?

This program is for anyone who wants to develop a greater connection with the Divine aspects of themselves and gain insight to walk fully in their purpose. The success of this program requires the full commitment of participants to the process -- self-motivation, transparency, and accountability--. in order to create the necessary healing paradigm shifts.

What's the time commitment?

Group time is 90 minutes bi-weekly. You will get from this process as much as you put into the process. Weekly assignments are for your growth and development. My goal is to coach you into a lifestyle shift. That means you will be best served to show up for yourself everyday.

What if I can't make class time?

All classes are recorded and you will have access to them while you are in the program. Questions or follow-ups arising from class sessions or assignments can be discussed via 1:1 sessions, posing questions in the group, or through direct messaging.

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! I offer personalized 1:1 Coaching. An individualized personal plan is created in collaboration with you based on your own unique goals. Areas of focus include Mindset Shifting, Manifestation, Spiritual Attunement, and Emotional/Karmic/Energetic Healing.

Dr. La Toya Davis, CHI Healing Institute, Headshot

About the Coach

Dr. La Toya Davis, Ph.D., specializes in Energy Healing, Spiritual Evolution, and Karmic Resolution through the use of the Akashic Records and Ancestral connection. A Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record Reader, Spiritual Intuitive and Medium with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Toya (as she is called) has developed a healing system that incorporates Universal energy, botanical and crystal based medicines, and metaphysical overlays to produce spiritual rebalancing and guidance.

As a Self Empowerment Coach, Dr. La Toya assists her clients with identifying and transforming energetic, emotional, and mental blocks through a combination of client-specific modalities. Guided by information from the Akashic Records, clients are able to embark on a self empowerment journey based on their soul's true purpose within the greater scheme of humanity.